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PrimeNet Assignment Work Types

PrimeNet assigns research work units of various types. These are listed in the table below.

Project WorkType Description Notes
GIMPSTF-LMHtrial factoring LMHscreen for not-prime, factoring to low limits
GIMPSPM1-Rfactor P-1 redoscreen for not-prime, reassigned as P-factoring
GIMPSTFtrial factoringscreen for not-prime, assigned as factoring
GIMPSPM1-Sfactor P-1 smallscreen for not-prime, assigned as factoring
GIMPSPM1-Lfactor P-1 largescreen for not-prime, assigned as P-factoring
GIMPSECMfactor ECM smallscreen for not-prime, assigned as ECM
GIMPSLLLL first testprimality test, assigned as first LL test
GIMPSDLL double-checkprimality test, assigned as 2nd or 3rd LL test
GIMPSPRP(future work type)unimplemented, new work type