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Model Unknown Intel CPU
Stock Speed   no stock speed set
Features Hyperthreaded,Prefetch,SSE,SSE2,SSE4,AVX,AVX2,FMA,
L1 Cache 32 KB
L2 Cache 256 KB
L3 Cache 46080 KB

Program Speed (MHz) 29.69M to 34.56M (1792K)34.56M to 39.50M (2048K)39.50M to 49.10M (2560K)49.10M to 58.52M (3072K)58.52M to 68.13M (3584K)68.13M to 77.91M (4096K)Trial fac 65 bitsValid Data?Select
Linux64, Prime95, v28.5, build 2181113.8616.4220.3124.4128.8931.08
Linux64, Prime95, v28.5, build 2180014.4515.7919.9223.9729.1831.02
Linux64, Prime95, v28.9, build 2179514.1514.9019.4523.4528.5832.52
Linux64, Prime95, v28.9, build 2179514.9115.6819.4923.4528.6532.45
Windows64, Prime95, v28.10, build 1179513.5514.4018.0121.8325.9831.11
Linux64, Prime95, v28.5, build 2149616.4118.2223.6628.8433.9337.01
All timings are in milliseconds - lower is better

You can help improve the accuracy of our benchmark data by reporting benchmarks that are obviously wrong. This can happen when cpu speed is detected incorrectly which often occurs when SpeedStep is enabled. Bad data can also occur when other programs run during a benchmark -- you might see all timings are too high or you might see a smaller FFT taking more than a larger FFT. By flagging these bad benchmarks, the main benchmark page will report more accurate average timings.

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If someone has inadvertantly marked good benchmark data suspect, you can vote for marking the benchmark valid.

If the stock CPU speed is not set correctly, you can set the stock CPU speed so that we correctly identify overclocked and underclocked benchmarks.

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