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Model Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E31220 @ 3.10GHz
Stock Speed   no stock speed set
Features Prefetch,SSE,SSE2,SSE4,AVX
L1 Cache 32 KB
L2 Cache 256 KB
L3 Cache 8192 KB

Program Speed (MHz) 29.69M to 34.56M (1792K)34.56M to 39.50M (2048K)39.50M to 49.10M (2560K)49.10M to 58.52M (3072K)58.52M to 68.13M (3584K)68.13M to 77.91M (4096K)Trial fac 65 bitsValid Data?Select
Windows64, Prime95, v28.10, build 1317113.3315.0719.5123.4428.3734.28
Windows64, Prime95, v28.10, build 1317012.8214.1919.5721.6827.9333.10
Linux64, Prime95, v30.7, build 93157
Linux64, Prime95, v30.7, build 9315631.6718.0037.6530.4532.34
Linux64, Prime95, v30.7, build 93156
Windows64, Prime95, v28.7, build 1305813.7615.7119.7623.7429.5033.12
Windows64, Prime95, v29.8, build 63058
Windows64, Prime95, v28.7, build 1305712.6714.3118.2022.6127.7730.37
Linux64, Prime95, v29.4, build 72959
Windows64, Prime95, v30.8, build 171586
Windows64, Prime95, v30.8, build 171586
Windows64, Prime95, v30.8, build 171585
All timings are in milliseconds - lower is better