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GIMPS newsletter #2, 26 February, 1996

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The Mersenne Newsletter, issue #2 February 26, 1996



Peter Marksteiner spent a couple of years running Lucas-Lehmer tests on
most of the untested primes between 200000 and 471000. Although his
program did not keep residues, he has modified it do so. We are now
verifying the program by re-running some of the tests and comparing
residues. So far, so good.

As a result, instead of 30,469 there are now just 26,997 primes under
1,300,000 left to test. The databases on the web have been updated

For those of you currently testing a range between 355 and 471, I'd
recommend you send your results thusfar (so that we have residues),
delete any intermediate files (pNNNNNNN), download the latest
database, and select a new range.

Happy hunting,
George Woltman

P.S. No new Mersenne primes were found.