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GIMPS Milestones Report

Progress toward next GIMPS milestones

Major and Recent GIMPS Milestones

January 5, 2015All exponents below 54,000,000 tested at least once.
November 8, 2014Double-checking proves M(32582657) is officially the 44th Mersenne prime.
February 23, 2014Double-checking proves M(30402457) is officially the 43rd Mersenne prime.
January 25, 2013Prime M(57885161) discovered!!
December 20, 2012Double-checking proves M(25964951) is officially the 42nd Mersenne prime.
December 1, 2011Double-checking proves M(24036583) is officially the 41st Mersenne prime.
July 11, 2010Double-checking proves M(20996011) is officially the 40th Mersenne prime.
April 12, 2009Prime M(42643801) discovered!!
September 6, 2008Prime M(37156667) discovered!!
August 23, 2008Prime M(43112609) discovered!!
September 4, 2006Prime M(32582657) discovered!
July 10, 2006Double-checking proves M(13466917) is officially the 39th Mersenne prime.
December 15, 2005Prime M(30402457) discovered!
February 18, 2005Prime M(25964951) discovered!
May 15, 2004Prime M(24036583) discovered!
November 17, 2003Prime M(20996011) is discovered!
February 2, 2003Double-checking proves M(6972593) is officially the 38th Mersenne prime.
November 14, 2001Prime M(13466917) is discovered!
May 19, 2000Double-checking proves M(2976221) and M(3021377) are officially the 36th and 37th Mersenne primes.
June 1, 1999Prime M(6972593) is discovered!
December 18, 1998Double-checking proves M(1398269) is officially the 35th Mersenne prime.
March 29, 1998Double-checking proves M(1257787) is officially the 34th Mersenne prime.
January 27, 1998Prime M(3021377) is discovered!
August 30, 1997Double-checking proves M(756839) and M(859433) are officially the 32nd and 33rd Mersenne primes.
August 24, 1997Prime M(2976221) is discovered!
November 13, 1996Prime M(1398269) is discovered!
Third quarter, 1996Double-checking proves M(216091) is officially the 31st Mersenne prime.

Older and lower profile GIMPS Milestones

DateMiscellaneous milestones
2015-02-03All exponents up to 33,219,253 (10 million digits) double-checked.
2014-08-09First 100 million digit number successfully, and independently, double-checked - M(345,678,877).
2013-03-08First 100 million digit number successfully double-checked - M(383,838,383).
2012-06-27First 100 million digit number tested for primality without errors - M(332,194,529).
2001-04-06First 10 million digit number sucessfully double-checked.
2000-09-25First 10 million digit number tested for primality.
1998-12-26All Mersenne numbers less than a million digits tested at least once.

DateMersenne Prime milestones
2012-09-05All exponents below M(43112609) tested at least once.
2012-09-05All exponents below M(42643801) tested at least once.
2010-12-25All exponents below M(37156667) tested at least once.
2010-12-25All exponents below M(32582657) tested at least once.
2010-07-29All exponents below M(30402457) tested at least once.
2009-04-08All exponents below M(25964951) tested at least once.
2009-02-23All exponents below M(24036583) tested at least once.
2008-07-04All exponents below M(20996011) tested at least once.
2004-10-03All exponents below M(13466917) tested at least once.
2001-07-25All exponents below M(6972593) tested at least once.
1998-09-26All exponents below M(3021377) tested at least once.
1998-09-19All exponents below M(2976221) tested at least once.
1997-10-11All exponents below M(1398269) tested at least once.
1997-08-28All exponents below M(1257787) tested at least once.
1997-03-28All exponents below M(859433) tested at least once.
1997-01-15All exponents below M(756839) tested at least once.

DateFirst time checks
2014-11-19All exponents below 53,000,000 tested at least once.
2014-11-19All exponents below 52,000,000 tested at least once.
2014-05-01All exponents below 51,000,000 tested at least once.
2014-04-08All exponents below 50,000,000 tested at least once.
2014-04-06All exponents below 49,000,000 tested at least once.
2014-03-26All exponents below 48,000,000 tested at least once.
2014-03-17All exponents below 47,000,000 tested at least once.
2014-03-13All exponents below 46,000,000 tested at least once.
2013-12-11All exponents below 45,000,000 tested at least once.
2012-11-09All exponents below 44,000,000 tested at least once.
2012-09-05All exponents below 43,000,000 tested at least once.
2012-09-05All exponents below 42,000,000 tested at least once.
2012-08-05All exponents below 41,000,000 tested at least once.
2012-08-02All exponents below 40,000,000 tested at least once.
2012-07-22All exponents below 39,000,000 tested at least once.
2011-07-19All exponents below 38,000,000 tested at least once.
2010-12-25All exponents below 37,000,000 tested at least once.
2010-12-25All exponents below 36,000,000 tested at least once.
2010-12-25All exponents below 35,000,000 tested at least once.
2010-12-25All exponents below 34,000,000 tested at least once.
2010-12-25All exponents below 33,000,000 tested at least once.
2010-12-25All exponents below 32,000,000 tested at least once.
2010-08-06All exponents below 31,000,000 tested at least once.
2010-07-29All exponents below 30,000,000 tested at least once.
2010-07-14All exponents below 29,000,000 tested at least once.
2010-02-10All exponents below 28,000,000 tested at least once.
2009-08-18All exponents below 27,000,000 tested at least once.
2009-04-08All exponents below 26,000,000 tested at least once.
2009-02-25All exponents below 25,000,000 tested at least once.
2009-02-23All exponents below 24,000,000 tested at least once.
2008-12-22*All exponents below 23,000,000 tested at least once.
2008-10-25*All exponents below 22,000,000 tested at least once.
2008-08-19*All exponents below 21,000,000 tested at least once.
2007-12-31All exponents below 20,000,000 tested at least once.
2007-11-17*All exponents below 19,000,000 tested at least once.
2006-10-24All exponents below 18,000,000 tested at least once.
2006-03-01All exponents below 17,000,000 tested at least once.
2005-12-24All exponents below 16,000,000 tested at least once.
2005-02-23All exponents below 15,000,000 tested at least once.
2005-02-12*All exponents below 14,000,000 tested at least once.
2004-10-03*All exponents below 13,000,000 tested at least once.
2004-03-09All exponents below 12,000,000 tested at least once.
2004-01-18*All exponents below 11,000,000 tested at least once.
2002-07-19All exponents below 10,000,000 tested at least once.
2002-04-15All exponents below 9,000,000 tested at least once.
2001-09-25All exponents below 8,000,000 tested at least once.
2001-09-25*All exponents below 7,000,000 tested at least once.
2001-04-01All exponents below 6,000,000 tested at least once.
2000-03-15All exponents below 5,000,000 tested at least once.
1999-08-19All exponents below 4,000,000 tested at least once.
1998-09-26*All exponents below 3,000,000 tested at least once.
1998-03-05All exponents below 2,000,000 tested at least once.
1997-05-26All exponents below 1,000,000 tested at least once.
* = estimated

DateDouble checks
2015-05-19All exponents below 34,000,000 double-checked.
2014-12-21All exponents below 33,000,000 double-checked.
2014-11-08All exponents below 32,000,000 double-checked.
2014-10-01All exponents below 31,000,000 double-checked.
2014-02-14All exponents below 30,000,000 double-checked.
2014-02-04All exponents below 29,000,000 double-checked.
2014-01-11All exponents below 28,000,000 double-checked.
2014-01-09All exponents below 27,000,000 double-checked.
2012-12-20All exponents below 26,000,000 double-checked.
2012-08-27All exponents below 25,000,000 double-checked.
2011-12-01All exponents below 24,000,000 double-checked.
2011-12-01All exponents below 23,000,000 double-checked.
2011-04-23All exponents below 22,000,000 double-checked.
2010-07-11All exponents below 21,000,000 double-checked.
2010-01-07All exponents below 20,000,000 double-checked.
2009-10-30All exponents below 19,000,000 double-checked.
2009-02-23All exponents below 18,000,000 double-checked.
2008-07-08All exponents below 17,000,000 double-checked.
2007-12-03All exponents below 16,000,000 double-checked.
2007-04-23All exponents below 15,000,000 double-checked.
2006-09-11All exponents below 14,000,000 double-checked.
2006-06-13All exponents below 13,000,000 double-checked.
2006-06-13All exponents below 12,000,000 double-checked.
2005-12-12*All exponents below 11,000,000 double-checked.
2005-04-26All exponents below 10,000,000 double-checked.
2004-09-17All exponents below 9,000,000 double-checked.
2004-02-23All exponents below 8,000,000 double-checked.
2003-02-27*All exponents below 7,000,000 double-checked.
2002-12-16All exponents below 6,000,000 double-checked.
2002-05-02All exponents below 5,000,000 double-checked.
2001-05-20All exponents below 4,000,000 double-checked.
2000-05-19*All exponents below 3,000,000 double-checked.
1999-10-16All exponents below 2,000,000 double-checked.
1997-10-30All exponents below 1,000,000 double-checked.
* = estimated